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​​​Formula Student


Formula Student is an international design competition for students, which was launched in the USA in 1981. The aim was to allow students to gain experience in teamwork as well as project and cost management during their studies.

In these professionally organized competitions, student teams from all over the world compete against each other with their self-designed and manufactured racing cars.

The basis of the competition is a set of rules that defines safety-related aspects in particular. The great freedom allows individual vehicle designs intending to develop a vehicle for the fictitious market of hobby racers.

To drive the innovation process and prepare students for the technologies of the future, the FSAE is divided into the following three classes

  • race cars with combustion engines

  • purely electrically powered race cars (since 2010)

  • "Driverless" for autonomously driving race cars (since 2017)

In Formula Student, it is not the fastest race car or the best driver that is the winner, but the overall performance from five dynamic and three static disciplines that decides.

A jury of experts from the motorsport and automotive industry evaluates the racing performance, the implementation of the vehicle concepts, the financial plan, and the business plan presentation. In addition to technical skills, it is essential to be able to carry out detailed financial planning and convincingly market the prototype.

In the combustion engine and electric vehicle classes, a maximum of 1000 points can be achieved, which are made up of the following disciplines:

Dynamic disciplines:



Fuel Economy

Skid Pad







675 Points

Static disciplines

Engineering Design

Cost Analysis

Business Presentation




325 Points