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What is E-Traxx?

E-Traxx is the Formula Student Team of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf.

In a first-semester project, a small group of students planned the implementation of a Formula Student Team at the university. In 2013 this idea was turned into reality and the team "E-Traxx" was founded.

Due to the simultaneous upswing in electric mobility, the decision to a racing car with an electric drive was quickly made. After four years of development, the first vehicle successfully competed in Italy in 2017.

The team has now grown to over 25 active members and more keep joining the team, taking up the challenge and thinking"Challenge aXXepted!"

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How do students benefit from Formula Student?

At Formula Student, you experience the entire product development process as well as its marketing. From the first idea and goal to the organization, construction, and production, you build your race car.

Through the insights into the creation of your race car and the contacts in the industry, you gain a lot of experience, which will bring you many advantages in your later professional life. As students from different departments, you learn above all how to work together in a team as well as conflict and problem-solving. But also goal and time management are skills that you learn quickly through the combination of studies and Formula Student.

First and foremost, however, working in a team quickly becomes a hobby that we all enjoy very much.


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